Ron Arad

Ron Arad, “I had the cheek to ask ron if he can make chairs at maastrich art fair 5 years ago” Evy McKenzie Advertisements

Epro Ski – On Its Way, Be There!

Epro Ski Coming Soon

Epro Ski – On Its Way, Be There!

Epro Ski Coming Soon

Epro Ski – On its way, Be There!

Epro Ski coming soon.

Monica Bellucci – Italian Fashion Model and Actress

Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and model with age defying beauty. At nearly the big 5-0, she still looks as striking and elegant as anyone half her age.

Riccioli Cafe

Riccioli Cafe from chef Massimo Riccioli comes to life very late with the super hip internationali’s. Massimo also owns La Rosetta one of the finest restaurants in Rome. Via delle Coppelle, 13 00186… Continue reading

Antico Arco

This is not the usual extraordinary style pedigree the Italians possess!.  Antico Arco sits on the cross of the via di San pancrazio, crazio because you may notice ultra glam frocks making a… Continue reading

Ristorante 4 Colonne – Rome is the new trendy place to eat, drink & dance

Visit 4 Colonne for some of the best food in Rome.

Philippe Pasqua – French Painter and Sculptor

Philippe Pasqua, French Rasta man who likes martial and also creates hauntingly exquisite sculptures, paintings and drawings.

New Partner – Westbury Hotels

We would like to welcome new Epro partner, Westbury Hotels.  We very much look forward to working with them in the future.