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How many tech ski companies boast an active ski mountaineer audience like a living spread out of national geographic, an ongoing under construction excavation of the purist form is what came to mind when i tested DPS 120 Lotus and Black Crows Nocta.

Simplicity is hard to convey but DPS and Black Crows present a unique challenge to ski firms who strive to satisfy complex client problems every need.The above companies stay true to their own innovative theme, DPS is one of a rare breed that mastered the art providing edgy functional design without selling out their progressive steep mountaineering ideals.
Mike Guest runs DPS UK and works extensively through the alps with DPS dealings and just launched the DPS range at 47 Degrees ski store London, then made is way to visit me at my Core Rally studio in Glasgow, Scotland.What you see is what you get with Mike! He hear no angels and waist no time,as Mike started to show me the DPS models the first thing you notice is there are no fancy numbers-letters or fancy wordings to describe them. The influence can be clearly seen in the form of the 112 wailer, it is a work of art this ski allegory connects space powder to curb crud to dropping quick turns through the trees,it embraces all scenes.

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